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Microdosing with Magic Truffles

Guided course to dive into the world of microdosing with sacred truffles. Especially for those looking for more color, creativity, energy and/or clarity. Ready for the magic life?

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Jennifer Pereboom
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"During the microdosing I experienced what a nice and loving plant medicine the magic truffle is. The truffles sent me inwards, gave me clarity and above all: inner peace. By experiencing more awareness during the microdays, I am now able to also apply it on other days. Jenneke gave answers to all my questions and helped me through rough times when there was something I had to dive into. She coached me on the moments I needed it but also let me enjoy all of the beauties I discovered within myself. So thankful for this loving, beautiful woman!”
Dees Fueler
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“Microdosing with truffles mostly has brought me space to get back to my feelings, after my head had taken over. It gave me more peace of mind, more space to reflect, more stability and put me in an upward spiral.”
Lieke van Beljouw
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“This was my first time microdosing, and I found it very comforting not to have to figure it all out on my own. I opted for additional WhatsApp guidance from Jenneke, and I'm very glad I did. Jenneke checked in regularly, provided valuable advice and tips that I truly benefited from. It was also great that I could ask all my questions. The journey has brought me a lot, and I'll definitely do it again!”
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“What a valuable module! Top guidance in breathwork and in the microdosing journey. If you want to develop yourself spiritually and personally but don't like airy-fairy ego self-indulgence, then this is the place to be!”

IMPORTANT! We strongly advice NOT to participate in this course if:

  • – You’re pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • – You’re on any medication that is not compatible with truffles, like antibiotics, antidepressants and medication to deal with ADHD/ADD, stomach complaints, cardiac problems or high blood pressure;
  • – You have, now or in the past, suffered from psychosis, schizophrenia or borderline syndrome, or you have an indication of proneness to these conditions;
  • – You’re allergic to fungi.

Besides a magical life…

… this course will teach you about microdosing with psilocybin, what schedule to choose and how to set intentions and make it work. Microdosing magic truffles can help you sleep better, get more creative, be more relaxed in the mind, gain more focus and to overall feel better in your skin. We will measure this throughout the course so that you can see what this does for you, plus you will be guided in checking in to yourself each morning, meditating, practicing breathwork and journaling with the microdosis and to visualize your dream life.

About this course:

In 4-6 weeks you will experience the health and mental benefits of taking tiny doses of magic truffle. This is a wonderful medicine for the body, mind and soul, especially for people looking for more clarity, confidence, peace of mind, selflove and creativity.

The course will be guided by videos, a scoreform, meditations and journaling practices. You will receive De Orakelmeisjes’ Magic Notebook (worth €35,-) to take notes about your magical journey and to write down your intentions. This is a very important part for the integration of your experience!

Furthermore, you will receive three kits of magic truffle microdoses, with a total of 18 grams packed per gram. The course focuses on 15 microdays, which gives you space to use a little more if 1 gram per serving would be too little. No worries, we will figure this out together.


€169,- including magic truffles and the Magical Notebook as a BONUS

€219,- including the above plus 1 month live WhatsApp support with me, Jenneke

Course duration;

30 - 45 days

This is what you get:

        • All you need to know about microdosing
        • Picking the right schedule
        • Score form on how you feel throughout the course
        • 19 video lessons
        • 15 microdays
        • 3 kits of magic truffle microdoses
        • Magical Notebook made by De Orakelmeisjes
        • 6 months course access
        • HOLY shit. Community access
        • 1 month live WhatsApp support (optional)
        • A magical life